Where is RCG stock traded?

RCG shares are trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and SETSmm on AIM London Stock Exchange and ISDX.

What is the RCG stock symbol?

HKEx: 802

How do I buy & trade shares?

You can buy and sell RCG shares through a financial adviser, stockbroker or bank.

Who is the Company’s Registrar?

Bermuda Registrar (principal registrar)
Butterfield Fund Service (Bermuda) Limited
Rosebank Centre
11 Bermudiana Road
Pembroke, Bermuda

How many shares does RCG have in issue?

As at 28 February 2013, RCG has a total number of 597,576,496 securities in issue.

How do I know when RCG report its next Financial Results?

All notable upcoming events can be viewed on our Financial Calendar.

What is RCG’s official accounting currency?

RCG’s official accounting currency is in Hong Kong dollars.
The financial statements are presented in Hong Kong dollars, which is the same as the functional currency of the company.

When are dividends paid?

The proposed dividend (if any) will be disclosed in each financial annual report and subject to AGM shareholders’ approval.

What do I do if I have not received my dividend document and election form??

Any enquiries relating to the non- receipt of your dividend documentation should be directed to our registrars. Their contact details are given above.

Where was RCG incorporated?

The company is a public listed company, incorporated in Bermuda, as an exempted company with limited liability.

How many people does RCG employ worldwide?

The Group employs about?50 persons, 5 of which serve in senior management levels.

Who are RCG’s independent accountants?

HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng Limited
Chartered Accountants
Certified Public Accountants