Financial Calendar

28 March 2013Interim results announcement
27 March 2013Board Meeting
29 August 2012Interim results announcement
28 August 2012Board Meeting
30 June 2012Annual General Meeting
25 June 2012Special General Meeting
29 March 2012??Preliminary results announcement
28 March 2012Board Meeting
14 January 2012??Special General Meeting?
16?August 2011Board Meeting
10 June 2011Annual General Meeting
11 April 2011Special General Meeting
28 March 2011Preliminary result announcement
25 March 2011Board Meeting
23 August 2010Interim result announcement
20 August 2010Board meeting
27 July 2010Special General Meeting
7 May 2010Annual General Meeting
25 March 2010Preliminary result announcement
24 March 2010Board meeting
10 September 2009Interim result announcement
9 September 2009Board meeting
21 April 2009Annual General Meeting
12 March 2009Preliminary results announcement
10 February 2009Commencement of trading in the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange
16 October 2008Special General Meeting
1 September 2008Interim results announcement
8 April 2008Annual General Meeting
26 February 2008Preliminary result announcement
30 August 2007Interim result announcement
2 May 2007Annual General Meeting
12 March 2007Preliminary result announcement
26 September 2006Interim results announcement